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Ch 11.3  Seven Years of Bad Luck —
Janine wanted to blame her mother, but Janine knew her sister, Zelda, was responsible. Zelda had somehow made sure that Mother and Father insisted on the entire family being at the festivities.
Tonight Janine would sit in a shadowed corner and watch everyone having fun. Once again she would endure the looks of pity from those who knew her, and the shock and revulsion of those who didn’t. People would gossip behind their fans and tell each other the story of her name day. No one would come over and ask her to dance — not even her brother or her father.
Anger roared through her. “It’s not fair!” Janine threw the brush at the mirror. It promptly sent out a web of cracks, and her image shattered. Shards of mirror crashed to the floor.
“Temper, temper,” said a sweet voice. The smell of lily perfume wafted into the room. The hound growled.