The True Adventures of Jay B R Wokky, Web Serials

Jay B.R. Wokky Ch. 11.1 — Princess Janine, Ten Years Later

Ch. 11.1 — Princess Janine, Ten Years Later
Princess Janine normally avoided mirrors. They only served to remind her that her life had been ruined on her name day. Today she had no choice.
She scowled at her image as she yanked a brush through her unruly chestnut hair. Her parents had consulted with doctors, wizards, magicians, and witches. They had pleaded for help from the merfolk, the fey, and the neighboring elves. Nothing they had tried had helped.
No one ever noticed Janine’s pretty brown eyes, long dark eyelashes, or her rosy lips. She had two large warts on her forehead, one on her nose, and one on her chin, not to mention the numerous smaller warts on her cheeks and chin. The dark brown warts stood out on her pale face. Janine had been told by her sisters that she looked like a rhinoceros. In a word, she was hideous.
“Are we going for a walk?” the hound at her feet asked. His tail thumped hopefully.
“Not today,” Janine said. “Sorry.”
Freddie sighed and put his head back down on his paws.
Janine regarded her little hound and sighed too. Today was her oldest sister’s birthday.

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