The True Adventures of Jay B R Wokky, Web Serials

Jay B.R. Wokky Ch. 10.1 — Another Name Day Goes Wrong

Ch. 10.1 — News of Prince Ezra’s name day spread to the other kingdoms, and the king and queen of Saltonia were taking no chances. Their new daughter’s name day was moved to June. Invitations were checked and double checked. All the important people in Saltonia plus dignitaries from the neighboring kingdoms received an invitation, including a certain dragon in the Eastern Mountains. The King personally opened the dragon’s response. He sighed in relief.
“What is it?” asked the Queen.
“Jay B. R. Wokky says he’s not coming.”
The queen shook her head. “Impossible. He’s toying with us.”
When the name day arrived, extra guards — heavily armed and dangerous — stood at attention, keeping a wary eye on the proceedings.
Only a select few visitors were permitted to gather in the castle courtyard to watch Princess Janine Esmerelda’s name day. The king and queen sat on their thrones, and a nurse carried the baby up the stairs to the cradle, which was set close to her royal parents. The special guests sat on chairs on one side of the platform, with a large open space on the left. Baby Janine’s older brother and sisters were dressed in stiff, uncomfortable clothing and told to sit still or else. Guards stood behind each child, ready to grab them and run. Although the visitors cheered and clapped, they often checked the sky.
They waited and waited. Everyone became restless. At last the king gave the signal, and the trumpets blew a fanfare. One by one, the special guests approached the cradle to give their gifts. The king and queen watched with grim expressions, nodding their heads in thanks after each gift was given.
The king looked up. Still no dragon.
Just then Wizard Colin and Witch Bernice pushed through the crowd to the front, rushed up the stairs and collapsed onto their chairs. The other guests from the magical kingdoms smirked at them.
The King scowled. “You’re late.”
“Sorry, Your Majesty,” Colin said, panting. “We were detained at the border for three days.”
The king waved a hand. “Well, get on with it. The others have already given their gifts.”
The queen clutched her scepter. Her knuckles were white. She glanced up at the sky and then at Colin. “Hurry.”
Wizard Colin smiled at her. “Your Majesty, everything will be fine.”
He placed his hand on the baby princess’s head. A warm, happy feeling filled his heart. He opened his mouth.
Just then the scent of something hot and peppery filled the air. Colin’s nose tickled. He had the overwhelming urge to sneeze. He twitched his nose, trying to hold it in, but he couldn’t.
“Aaaa Chooo!” Colin sneezed all over the princess.
Everyone gasped. Someone screamed.
Colin stared in horror at Princess Janine. Ugly brown warts now covered her face.
“Off with his head!” shrieked the queen.

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