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Love is Spoken Here

What a week it has been — filled with excitement, hard work, laughter, tears, and love. I was able to spend quality time with my sisters as we shared our hopes, dreams and thoughts with each other. Each of my amazing sisters has found ways to shine. Beryl is optimistic, kind and creative, with a great sense of humor and boundless energy. We walked (and walked!) and talked, enjoying the crisp fall air and beauty of nature around us. I watched my very talented sister, Alison, run through rehearsals of her musical production, which she has written (including the songs) and is now directing. She gives joy and meaning of life to a group of seniors who obviously love and appreciate her. I admire her creativity and dedication. Kathy and I had some wonderful conversations over cups of herbal tea or steamed milk, and while driving. We got to play guitar and sing, and I introduced her to The Princess Bride, one of my favorite movies. She is a great example to me of someone who faces her challenges and keeps moving forward one step at a time, who gives so much to her children and others. We experienced lots of hugs and joyful tears as we met with our cousins and friends. I spent time with most of my nieces and nephews, talking, sharing the names of books we’d read, eating meals together, having fun, playing guitar and singing. I enjoyed all our conversations so much.

The wedding itself was wonderful. The temple was filled with affirming peace as Aron and Christille joined their lives together for this life and for eternity. They both are no strangers to trials and hard work, and they know how to sacrifice and make this marriage successful. I saw the love they have for each other, and I felt so happy for them. The following ring ceremony, dinner, program, and dance were quirky and fun. The flowers were gorgeous. The food was delicious, provided by many loving hands. Aron got out his guitar and sang a song he had written for his bride, and she cried. We sisters got up and danced together, sharing our love of music and fun. A lot of work went into setting up, decorating, food preparation, clean up and taking down, but it was worth it.
A few days later Kathy and I were able to drive up to Bowden and visit our foster parents. I greedily drank in the sight of the rolling prairie, which has now put on her robes of gold, and the blue, wide open sky. My heart filled at its beauty. This is home in a way that no other place ever will be — the land of my childhood, the resting place of the bones of my ancestors. We had a wonderful afternoon with my foster parents as we shared stories, laughed and cried. These two people hold a special place in my heart, for when they were a young married couple with two small children, they took in two teenage girls who were starving for love. Through their teaching, love, and example, we found stability, purpose of life, and gained skills that would last a lifetime. I will always be grateful to them.
Now, with a heart full of gratitude for the time I could spend with my family, I return home to the one who holds my heart, my true love forever.

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