The True Adventures of Jay B R Wokky

Jay B.R. Wokky Ch. 7.4 — A Desperate Mission

CH. 7.4 — Eli snuck down the cobbled streets of the town, keeping to the darker areas. The waning moon provided enough light to see, so he didn’t need his lantern. Even though he was invisible, he’d discovered that he still had a shadow. Eli was hungry, tired, and cold, but still he kept going. He wished he had brought his coat, with a muffin or two in the pockets. A stray dog sniffed at him and growled, but he kept walking. Two guards trotted up the street riding steel gray war horses, but they rode right past Eli. One of the horses snorted and rolled its eyes at Eli.
“I don’t know why they don’t lock their kids up at night,” said one of the guards. “If Eli was my son, I’d turn him over my knee and give him a tanning he wouldn’t forget.”
“Just you watch, he’ll turn up in his bed in a couple of hours, looking all innocent, with crumbs on his face. All this searching about will have been for nothing.” The hooves clopped down the street.
Eli felt bad. He knew his mother would be crying, but he couldn’t stop now. He had to get his vorpal sword back.
When Eli reached 67 Second Street, he wondered how he would get in. He peeked in through the shutters of the narrow front window. Inside on the rug was a dog roughly the size of a horse. Eli gathered up some pebbles and threw them at the shutters. The dog began to bark – a deep, loud bark that made Eli’s heart hammer.
“Quiet, Mutt,” Cudgel yelled.
The dog continued to bark.
“All right, fine. I’ll let you out, you mangy cur. Why didn’t you go before bedtime?”
Eli heard heavy steps thudding towards the door. He ran up the steps and crouched on the porch by the side of the door.
The door swung open. Eli ducked inside, just as the monstrous brown dog leaped outside, snarling.

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