The True Adventures of Jay B R Wokky, Web Serials

The True Adventures of Jay B. R. Wokky. Ch.1 — A New Prince is Born

Ch. 1 — Once upon a time in a land far away, a prince was born. His three brothers and his sister gathered around their mother’s bed to see the new arrival.
His sister, Esther, kissed the baby’s head and begged to hold him.
The oldest brother, Matthew, groaned and said, “Not another one.”
The second oldest brother, Mark, yawned. “You got us up just for this?”
And the third oldest brother, Eli, said, “I’m hungry. Can I have some toast and hot cocoa?”
Their father, King Frances, said, “Not yet. First we must pick a name for him.”
The children began to argue about what the baby should be named.
Matthew said, “He should be called Frederick, after our great-grandfather, who defeated the trolls in the last great war.”
“No way, we should name him Roaring Ron!” yelled Mark, who liked to watch the wrestling matches in the town square.
Eli studied his new brother. “He looks kind of round and lumpy. Let’s call him Potato Head.”
However, their mother, Queen Natalie, just smiled and said, “His name will be Ezra.”
The prince’s name day was selected, and invitations were sent out to everyone in the kingdom, as well as to important royalty and leaders in the neighboring kingdoms, and also to all the powerful magical folk who were their allies.
But somehow one person did not get an invitation.
The dragon, Jay B. R. Wokky, lived in a set of caves high in the mountains. His mail box was exceedingly hard to get to.

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