The True Adventures of Jay B R Wokky, Web Serials

Jay B.R. Wokky Ch 5.2 — Fritter Visits a Witch

Ch. 5.2 — Fritter was very worried about Jay. He went down into the Tulgey Woods that grew on this side of the mountains to visit a witch he knew, and there he heard what had happened at the prince’s name day celebration. Fritter was dismayed but not surprised. He wished the invitation had come on time.
The witch, Connie, fed him gingerbread and tea. She told him all about the salve that Wizard Colin had invented — a wondrous salve which healed the burns caused by dragon’s blood as well as just about anything else. She offered to sell a jar of salve to him.
“Everyone in the kingdom is buying it,” said Connie. “Old Cecil can’t keep it in stock. It’s being called Miracle Mix. Maybe you should try it on the old grump.”
Fritter opened the small jar and sniffed. The salve had a fresh minty scent. “Cecil? I thought Wizard Colin invented this salve.”
“He did, but the guards took his satchel, and Old Cecil ended up with its contents. Cecil persuaded Colin to give him the formula. Besides, Wizard Colin and the witch, Bernice, are still in prison.”
Fritter shook his head. “That doesn’t seem right.” However, he bought two jars from the witch.
“By the way,” said Connie. “A Bandersnatch raided Toffee Village last night. It took the mayor’s prize ram.”
“A Bandersnatch?”
Connie shook her finger at Fritter. “Sheep today, humans tomorrow. You tell that dragon to get out of bed and do his job. Soon the Tulgey Woods won’t be safe for any of us.”
Bandersnatches were not just a terrible nuisance. If they began to nest here and multiply, the humans would not stand against them for long — especially if they developed a craving for human flesh.

Now Fritter was filled with worry.


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