The True Adventures of Jay B R Wokky, Web Serials

Jay B.R. Wokky Ch. 3.3 — The Dragon’s Curse

Ch. 3.3 — The people looked up and began to cheer. “The dragon! The dragon is coming.”
But their cheers stopped when Jay opened his mouth and roared, sending out a flame that set the flags above the castle burning. Jay swooped over the castle walls and down into the courtyard. With a terrible bellow, he settled on the stage. He spewed fire, and the banners burst into flame. In moments, they were burned to ashes.
The crowd screamed in terror. All around him was chaos. Some people ran, trampling those who couldn’t get out of the way. Others covered their faces and shrieked in fear.
The guards drew their swords and swarmed up the stairs of the stage, but the dragon sent out a spurt of flame.
“Back! Back, all of you.”
The guards were forced to retreat.
The queen reached for her baby, but the dragon turned and used one of his wings to sweep her and the king off the platform. They landed in a tangled heap at the side. When the king had got himself untangled, he drew his sword and ran up the steps.
Jay burned a hole in the floor in front of King Frances. “That’s close enough.”
King Frances stopped, his face grim. “What is the meaning of this outrage?”
“You did not invite me to the naming. I would have given great gifts, but instead I leave a curse upon the prince. Ezra’s life shall be filled with sorrow. He shall be blind, and when he is sixteen years old, he shall die by the sword in the hands of an assassin!”
The dragon reached one of his claws down to rake the baby across the eyes, but at that moment, little Ezra’s youngest brother, Eli, clambered up onto the platform. He drew his vorpal sword. Because it was a child’s practice sword, it wasn’t very sharp along the edges, but it had a needle-like point.
“You leave my brother alone!” Eli rushed forward and stabbed the dragon in the front paw. Blood spurted out of the wound and splashed onto Eli and the howling baby.
Jay bellowed in pain and jerked away. “No! Not my writing hand!”
Eli snatched his brother from the cradle and curled himself over the baby. The dragon held his paw and yelled as he lifted from the platform. His great wings hammered the air.
The guards, dwarves, and elves swarmed up the steps and fired arrows at the dragon. Jay twisted and snarled as arrows rained upon him. He flew upward, back over the castle walls.
Then, just for spite, he swooped down over the meadow and fried all the cakes, pies, and other refreshments. He even set the wagon of gifts on fire. With one last roar, Jay B. R. Wokky departed for the mountains.


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