The True Adventures of Jay B R Wokky, Web Serials

Jay B. R. Wokky Ch.2 — What? No Invitation?

Ch. 2 — Jay B. R. Wokky was an enormous green dragon who suffered from colds as well as allergies, and this year his allergies were even worse than usual. His nose ran, his head pounded, and his throat was scratchy. His ill health wasn’t helped by the damp, drafty condition of his home. No matter how high his servant built up the fires, it was always chilly.
Even worse, lately Jay found himself suffering from that terrible ailment known as writer’s block. His dream was to write a great novel, but his aspirations seemed doomed from the start. The area around his gigantic desk was littered with paper and broken ink bottles, and splatters of ink. Page after crumbled page ended up in the fireplace. He had never been known as a warm, congenial person, but now he became downright sulky and ill tempered.
One night Jay overheard a pair of gnomes talking. He discovered that everyone was getting invitations for the new prince’s name day, so he waited for his to come.
And he waited. And he waited. But it never came.
As the name day approached, Jay grew very angry.
“How dare they ignore me. I keep the East Pass safe for human travel. If it wasn’t for me, the land of Nelsonia would be overrun by hordes of toves and flocks of bandersnatches. The raths would destroy the whole kingdom. Not to mention the trolls.”
He paced back and forth, pausing every so often to sneeze and blow his nose. His eyes glittered with anger.
Jay’s servant was a thin, stooped, near-sighted gnome named Fritter.
Fritter tried his best to keep the fire burning, the bones and papers swept up, the cauldron of soup hot, and the books in the library organized and dusted, but it was all too much for one servant to do.
Usually dragons hired a whole team of people to take care of their caves and treasure for them, but Jay had ‘fired’ his last employees when they were caught stealing.
In apology, the king of the gnomes had sent Fritter. ‘It will do him good to work hard for a change,’ the king had said with a scowl aimed at the young gnome. ‘Don’t spare him.’ So Fritter worked from dawn to dusk, and sometimes far into the night. He had very little time to spend on his own interests.
Fritter was terrified of Jay, but sometimes he got the courage to say something. Now, he raised his head. “They’ve always sent one before. A letter will come, Sire. I know it will. Please be patient.”
“Silence! Go and fetch my dinner.” Jay aimed a kick at him. Fritter scurried back to the kitchen and began to slice the bread.
Finally, the name day came. Still no invitation had arrived. The sun rose above the mountains, and golden light filled the valley. Birds began to sing in the leafy, rustling trees.
Jay stood at the entrance of his cave and scowled. “I will not be ignored. The King and Queen of Nelsonia shall pay for this!”
With a great sweep of his wings, Jay set out into the sky.

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