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The Amish Widower

Book Review: The Amish Widower, by Virginia Smith

Amish farmer Seth Hostetler was devastated when his first wife died. When he finally remarries, his second wife and unborn child are killed in a carriage accident. Now he believes that he is doomed and will never love again.  His life is empty, and he wonders how he can keep going. Then Seth meets an Amish potter, who offers to teach him the craft. Seth learns quickly, and he finds solace and a renewed sense of fulfillment in the creation of both useful and decorative pottery. As time goes on, he is drawn to Leah, who works for her father, but she has renounced her Amish lifestyle and has become Englisch.  Her heart has been wounded as well, and she is not about to be drawn into a relationship, especially with an Amish man.

I loved this book. The characters were real, with deep emotions and struggles that are finally overcome through love and faith. The story explores themes of grief, guilt, and forgiveness.  It also portrays how a creative outlet like pottery can bring fulfillment and healing to one’s soul. Set in the Amish community of Lancaster County, the love story of Seth and Leah is sweet and deeply felt, and it resonates with anyone who has suffered loss and found hope and healing again. Virginia Smith has done meticulous research (including hands-on pottery making) in order to give us another beautiful and uplifting story.

Five Stars

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