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NaNoWriMo Update


It’s November 19th, and that means that all of us WriMo fans have been writing like crazy for 19 days. How is everybody doing? Don’t give up. You still have enough time to finish your novel. Keep writing!

I’ve got 48,863 words, and a lot farther to go in my plot.

Here’s an excerpt from Out of the Depths:

A man walked toward him. As he got closer, Westley recognized him and tensed up.“Callum. Fancy meeting you here.”
Westley didn’t know how old Callum was. He was an advisor to Morell Thomas, the Atlantic Selkie High King, so he couldn’t be under fifty, but he looked as if he was in his late twenties, with a lithe yet muscular body that spoke of a lifetime spent swimming. His skin glistened in the moonlight, and his dark hair dripped water. He wore only swim trunks, yet the cold night air didn’t seem to bother him.
The older man’s lips quirked. “You’re out late.”
“Working on a case. Needed a break.”
Callum’s eyes caught the moonlight and gleamed for a moment. There was something wild and dangerous about him, a sense of other that raised the hairs on Westley’s arms. Maybe Callum was an alien from another planet, and this was all a complicated plot to take over the world. No, instead he was a Selkie spy with his own agenda and his fingers in far too many pies.
Either way, no one would believe Westley if he told them the truth. He had been caught up in a fairy tale, and not only did he not understand the plot line, but he didn’t see a happy ending coming either. This was not a Disney film. This was the Brothers Grimm.
Fear crawled along his skin. “Who are you? What are you?”
“Ask yourself that same question, boy.” The mocking lips grinned now.



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