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David: The Unseen


Book Review: David (Book 3 in the Unseen series), by Johnny Worthen: I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this series.  Eleanor was amazing, and Celeste was a heart-wrenching, action-packed cliffhanger (Ahhh!), so I have waited impatiently for David to come out.  This third and final book did not disappoint me.

After assuming the shape of a cat and being held captive for months, Eleanor thinks she is beginning to forget what it means to be a human, to be Eleanor.  She misses her true love, David, and she worries about the good people she left behind. So, she changes back to human and returns to Jamesford, the small Wyoming town where she first came to know love and all its opposites — prejudice, bullying, and hatred — that turned her life into a battlefield.  There she finds that some mourn her “death”, some use the event as a cheap tourist attraction, and some still hope that she’ll return. Eleanor learns more about her skin-walker heritage, which makes her wonder if death and misery are all that is in store for her and those who befriend her.  Eleanor also learns that she has more friends than she thought as they reach out and help her.  David is an amazing person who sees into her heart and loves her no matter what she looks like on the outside.  But there are others who still mean to harm her, and as evil forces gather, bent on her capture, Eleanor is once again in danger.  As she struggles to survive, Eleanor tries to do everything she can to make things right.

I loved this story, from the beginning of Eleanor to the end of David.  She became real, and I mourned and rejoiced with her in all her experiences, which dealt with issues that far too many regular humans face every day. Eleanor may be a skin-walker, but she is good, and she cares about people. Johnny has created a fascinating, complex character whom I will miss very much. Five Stars.

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