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The Rose of Winslow Street

cover The Rose of Winslow Street

Book Review: The Rose of Winslow Street – by Elizabeth Camden
Libby Sawyer and her father return from their summer home and discover that strangers have moved into their house. Widower Mikhail Dobrescu and his family have fled Romania and have come to Colden, Massachusetts to claim the house and property that belonged to his grandfather. Both parties fight fiercely for legal possession, but neither could have anticipated that Libby and Michael would fall in love.
I loved this book! Nothing is as it seems on the surface. Is Mikhail (or Michael, as he is now called) really the son of a Duke? Why is Lady Mirela so full of fear? Where have the missing drawings gone? Why is the Dobrescu family really here? As the story unfolds, the discovery of the truth is so enjoyable. The characters are complex and rich. You see Michael acting like a brute and chopping down the Sawyer’s prize rose bushes as if he were mad, but when you find out the reason, your heart melts. Libby hides a disability and lives with her father’s contempt for her. Yet she has a prodigious memory and is so gifted in art that her drawings detail her father’s inventions. She is brave and kind-hearted. While the rest of the town ostracizes the Dobrescu family, she brings baskets of food to them, watches Michael play with his sons, and learns of his love for plants and his keen sense of smell. Libby’s father is an inventor who is blind to the treasure he has for a daughter and is sometimes cruel, but he ends up having some redeeming qualities. Michael is driven to protect and help those he loves, yet he is fascinated by and attracted to this beautiful woman who wears pants at times, climbs up ladders, speaks her mind, paints incredibly lifelike pictures of plants, and is so kind to them. The slow unfolding of Michael and Libby’s romance is like a beautiful dance.
Thank you, Elizabeth Camden, for this beautiful historical romance. Five stars.

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