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Farewell, NaNoWriMo


In a few hours, November will end, and NaNoWriMo will be over for another year.  It has been a glorious month of writing like mad, totally immersing myself in my story and my characters’ lives.  I have lived and breathed The Sea Child until it has become real to me.  It has been so much fun!

It has also been fun to read all the comments on the Facebook NaNoWriMo page, to see the cats and other mascots, to cheer others on, and to find out that yes, there are a lot of people out there who love to write as much as I do.

I would like to congratulate all those who made it to 50,000 words and beyond.  You put in the time, energy, and effort, and you did it!  There’s no satisfaction quite like saying, I have written a book.  In the coming months, you will go back and labor over your story, analyzing, rewriting, and searching for just the right way to convey what you mean.  You will sweat over it and wrestle with it until it becomes polished and ready to send out.  But for now, you can sit back, look at this new thing you have birthed, and feel very proud and happy.

For those who didn’t make it to 50,000 but still gave it a try, I congratulate you too.  No writing is wasted.  Allow yourself to continue.  Decide to finish over a longer period of time.  Keep the dream alive.

Until next November, fellow NaNos, happy writing.



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