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Kisses in the Rain

Book Review: Kisses in the Rain, by Krista Lynne Jensen:
cover Kisses in the Rain

After a car accident claims her fiancé and her most recent memories, Georgie Tate moves in with her aunts, who live on a small island outside Seattle. She begins to reshape her life as she struggles with the knowledge that something bad happened, and she can’t trust a man ever again. When she finds work at a local seafood restaurant, she meets the grumpy cook, Jace Lowe, who has just been dumped by his girlfriend. Both of them are wounded, angry, and confused. But they can’t deny the attraction between them either, and they gradually form a friendship as they work on a project together. Georgie must remember what happened with her abusive fiancé and work through her issues, and Jace must resolve his pain and family issues before they can find the courage to love again.
I loved this book! The imagery is so vivid and stunning that it made me want to visit the island and walk on the shore, and eat the foods they cooked. I love the way their lives and hearts are gradually revealed — two people who are real and down to earth, who struggle with their problems, yet find positive ways to overcome them. They are both good people of faith, but their religion is part of their background, and the book doesn’t preach. Georgie is dealing with the effects of abuse, and her healing is insightful and helpful to the reader. The romance between Jace and Georgie is sweet and clean. I closed this book with a smile, and then I went back and read the whole thing again. Thanks, Krista, for a beautiful story!

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