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Gregor the Overlander

Book Review:  Gregor the Overlander, by Suzanne Collins:

Cover Gregor the Overlander

I enjoyed the Hunger Games series, and when I checked to see what else Suzanne Collins had written, I found this series.
Eleven-year-old Gregor lives in New York City and spends his free time babysitting his little sister and trying not to think about his missing father. Then one day while doing laundry, he and ‘Boots’ fall down a tunnel into the Underland, a dark, eerie world inhabited by pale, violet-eyed people and enormous talking animals. There he is hailed as a long awaited hero who will fulfill a prophecy and help the humans and bats gain a victory against the rat armies. But Gregor feels anything but brave, and his blunt comments earn him instant dislike from those who are supposed to be his allies. Somehow he must convince the cockroaches and spiders to join them in his quest. Only the hope that he can somehow rescue his father keeps him going through all the trials that await him.
Gregor is a likable boy who has taken on the responsibilities of an adult, who views the world through serious and sometimes fatalistic eyes. He loves his family and is very patient with his adorable baby sister, who is just learning to talk. Yet Gregor is also still a child who has to learn to control his temper, be brave in facing danger, and learn that what people (and animals) appear to be isn’t always what they really are.
I really enjoyed this book. Suzanne Collins has done a great job creating an exciting story that children of all ages will want to read. I look forward to reading the other books in the series.

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