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Dont’ Go

Book Review:  Don’t Go, by Lisa Scottoline:

cover Don't Go

Dr. Mike Scanlon is deployed to Afghanistan, leaving his wife and a new baby behind. Amid brutal conditions he and his fellow doctors operate and save lives. Then he gets a call that his wife is dead from a knife wound, and he goes home to bury her and grieve. There he finds that his medical practice is in trouble, and his wife’s sister and husband have taken possession of his little daughter, who cries whenever she sees him. Mike discovers shocking secrets about his wife that make him question everything he thought he knew. As he struggles to uncover the truth, he goes through trials that would break anyone else, but somehow he finds the courage to keep going and bring those who have wronged his family to justice.
This was a gripping story, very sad in parts, and very intense, but with a satisfying ending. It was well researched, and took me right into the story. I sympathized with Mike, and the writer kept me guessing right along with Mike as he tries to find the truth.

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