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Dr. Who: Dark Water/Death in Heaven

Dr Who phone box

Last night we saw the movie Doctor Who: Dark Water/Death in Heaven, the TV show’s two-part eighth season finale, now out on the big screen. This movie, along with the prequel The Doctor’s Meditation (which came on after the movie) gets all the fans excited for Season 9, which begins this Saturday. Peter Capaldi stars as the twelfth Dr. Who, and Jenna Coleman as Clara Oswald, his faithful sidekick. Together they team up against Michelle Gomez as the mysterious, evil Missy, who plans the annihilation of humankind with her Cybermen. With his trusty TARDIS and amazing screwdriver, not to mention the help of his friends, it’s up to the doctor to save the day.
Dr. Who is a fascinating mixture of horror, sci-fi, and adventure.  The show is often silly, and sometimes even dorky, but also uber-creepy. It is unsettling. I get nightmares from watching it! And yet, I keep coming back for more. Why is that?
This show has run for an amazing fifty years, with various reincarnations of Dr. Who and his numerous companions. What is it that makes Dr. Who so popular? Is it the TARDIS? I mean, who wouldn’t want to have a time/space-traveling ship disguised as a British telephone booth? Or a screwdriver that can do just about anything? Or perhaps it is the eccentric personality of the extraterrestrial Time Lord, who for some reason loves human beings and does everything he can to help them? Or maybe it’s the themes of the power of love and that good will conquer evil that run through the series (and you know how I feel about happy endings.) Whatever it is, get ready for another captivating season of Dr. Who.

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