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For the Love of a Good Story

What is it that makes us connect with others?  In today’s case, it was a love of books and a desire to write them.  The ACFW Utah chapter met this morning at Barnes and Noble (what better place for a group of writers to meet?), and we had fun getting to know each other.  I have read books or stories by each woman there, and I had enjoyed them, so I was eager to meet them in person.  We had a wonderful time!  It was more than just finding out about everyone’s current writing projects or getting really good advice on publishing, editing, critique groups, etc.  As each person shared stories about their lives, I realized that I was sitting with some truly great women who have gone through hard trials and have come out of them with a steadfast serenity and a positive outlook on life.  It was a privilege to be there with them, and I look forward to reading their new books.  Thanks, ladies, and happy writing.

ACFW meeting Sept 2015

me, Anna Zogg, Virginia Smith, and Angela Short Jeffcott:  Click on their names to see their latest books!

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