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National Dog Day: And the Winner is…

Hi there, all you dogs out there.  My name is Rocky, and I’m a Westie.  Since today is National Dog Day, I’ve taken over the computer to tell you about ME!  I know you think your humans are the best and that you have a great life, but really, I win.  I came to my humans a year and a half ago as a little puppy.  Once I figured out the whole potty training thing and about not biting (who knew humans were so fragile?), it’s been smooth sailing since, and we couldn’t be happier together.

Rocky, ready for games

My humans are always willing to play a game, especially if it involves my favorite toy, a long cloth squirrel with squeaky balls inside, naturally called Bullwinkle.  My repertoire of tricks keeps increasing.  The cutest is ‘beg.’  I can get Anything from my humans by performing that one.  I love everyone, especially my alpha,  and I make sure he knows it when I run in each morning to say hello.  Oh, those tummy scratches!  My favorite food is… anything but dry dog food. Can we just get rid of it completely and go with that delicious smelling meat from the table?  My favorite perch is anywhere up high and soft, which allows me to see out the windows.  I’m a very good watch dog:  no one gets past me, especially those pesky birds that like to congregate in the back yard.

V__CAE6  I let my human know every morning and night with a yip that it’s Time.  When she realizes what I’m telling her, she says, “Want to go on a Walk?” I tilt my head, wag my tail, and head for the front door.  (You have to give your humans a little help speaking ‘dog.’)  Sometimes we’ll stop at my friend Lilly’s, where a fun wrestling match will ensue.  I love walks!

Rocky with Bullwinkle 

I keep my human company during the day while she sits at her computer and works on her latest book.  Truly, a writer’s best friend is her dog.  My only real complaint: she makes me sleep in the crate at night.  But I’m working on that one.  I’m sure if I keep waking her up at night to go outside to potty, eventually she’ll cave in, and we’ll be one big happy pack together on the bed.  Stay tuned for updates.

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