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Celeste — The Unseen, Book 2

Eleanor thinks life is finally going to settle down. She’s got friends at school, a boyfriend who loves her, and enough money left to her by her adopted mother to see her through till graduation. She knows how to pass as human, and she is beginning to believe that people aren’t so bad. But when Eleanor goes back to get her “DNA update” from Celeste, she is seen by Celeste’s abusive father. And when Celeste goes missing, her parents begin a hunt that will bring them to Jamesford, along with a violent religious cult, an egomaniac scientist, and others who are bent on Eleanor’s destruction. Jamesford becomes a battlefield, and Eleanor, David, and his family are caught in the maelstrom.
What a great story! I could not put this book down. I already felt a great deal of sympathy for Eleanor and David when I read ‘Eleanor‘, and this feeling continued to intensify in this book. Johnny Worthen has done an excellent job of creating sympathetic characters. He shows us through the story the ugliness of racism, poverty, bullying, and other issues that lurk below the surface of our society, and at the same time shows us the love, loyalty and mercy that coincide. I can’t wait to read the next installment. Amazing job, Johnny! (less)

cover Celeste

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