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Hello Again

Just in case you’re wondering, I haven’t died or been kidnapped by aliens or been sucked down into Wonderland for the past few months.  I’ve been busy:  we moved back to Utah for the summer, went to Paris and then to Greece for a few weeks to visit Sam’s Greek relatives, enjoyed visits from my sister, foster brother and his family, and my daughter in law and my grand-kids (who are amazing), worked in the garden, and read (of course).  I’ve been working on an updated edition of Double Play, which will be coming soon to Amazon.  Mostly, I’ve spent every spare moment writing my new book.  The day before my birthday, I finished the first draft.  As all writers out there know, this is only the beginning of the work, but it still gives me a great deal of satisfaction to be able to get the whole story down and type The End.  The current working title is The Alien Within. Here’s a little blurb:

In one day, Mia’s world falls apart.  Her crazy aunt has a vision of aliens invading the earth, her mother is killed in a car crash, and her boyfriend dumps her.  To top it off, Mia is told that her father, who deserted her mother after only three days of marriage, is an alien, and that her mother was a government agent who listened to messages from outer space.  Mia does the only thing she can do.  She runs.

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