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Saint Anything

Book review:  Saint Anything, by Sarah Dessen. Sydney has always been the quiet one in the family, while her older brother, Peyton, gets all the attention from their parents. His behavior becomes increasingly wild, and when a drunk driving spree results in an accident that leaves a boy in a wheel chair, Peyton ends up… Continue reading Saint Anything

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League of Utah Writers Conference

The League of Utah Writers annual conference was held in Logan this weekend (August 28-29), and my friend, Annette, and I drove up together. We had a great time. The classes were fun, interesting, and informative, the food was delicious, and I got to pitch my new book. I talked to other authors, handed out… Continue reading League of Utah Writers Conference

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National Dog Day: And the Winner is…

Hi there, all you dogs out there.  My name is Rocky, and I'm a Westie.  Since today is National Dog Day, I've taken over the computer to tell you about ME!  I know you think your humans are the best and that you have a great life, but really, I win.  I came to my… Continue reading National Dog Day: And the Winner is…

Book Reviews

Celeste — The Unseen, Book 2

Eleanor thinks life is finally going to settle down. She's got friends at school, a boyfriend who loves her, and enough money left to her by her adopted mother to see her through till graduation. She knows how to pass as human, and she is beginning to believe that people aren't so bad. But when… Continue reading Celeste — The Unseen, Book 2

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Hello Again

Just in case you're wondering, I haven't died or been kidnapped by aliens or been sucked down into Wonderland for the past few months.  I've been busy:  we moved back to Utah for the summer, went to Paris and then to Greece for a few weeks to visit Sam's Greek relatives, enjoyed visits from my… Continue reading Hello Again