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Double Play Giveaway

Book Giveaway: Last Day! Thursday, March 26 – Double Play: A Novel of Magic, a YA Fantasy by Carol Nicolas, available on Amazon

A girl with a terrible secret. A young magician on a desperate mission. Together they face vengeful Fey, killer Giant rats, and gangs as they work to heal their fractured city.

For ten years, Sandy Nandou has lived in the Ring, an enclosed area around a giant city which crashed down on Chicago when a magical demonstration went wrong. Plague, killer giant rats, and gangs threaten the lives of all mortals, magicians and fey within. All Sandy has left is her grandmother, who is now dying. In a desperate attempt to save Gran, Sandy ditches high school and sneaks into the forbidden Giant City, hoping to find a relic she can sell. There she meets Sean O’Malley, a handsome young magician who sees in her a potential ally for his attempt to heal the rift between the fractal planes and restore order to their damaged world. But Sandy has a terrible secret, which if exposed might result in the loss of Sean’s approval and the love of her grandmother. As they attempt to save those they love, the opposition mounts against them, and all seems lost. Will Sandy face the truth about who she really is before it’s too late?

DoublePlay A Novel of Magic cover

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