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Letters Across Time

Book Review: Letters Across Time – by Anna Zogg

When Lindsey Hayden’s husband dies, she secludes herself in a cottage on the Oregon coast and tries to live through her grief. Four years later, Lindsey is running along the highway in the rain when she hears a car coming too fast down the hairpin turns ahead. With a cliff wall on one side and a sheer drop on the other, she is sure her life is over. But then a door of light opens in the air, and a man saves her life. When the handsome stranger brings her home from the hospital and locks her in her house, she is frightened. Who is he, and how does he know so much about her? Why won’t he let her go? And why does she feel so attracted to him?

Alex Northam is a time traveler with a mission to fulfill, and if he deviates from his path, the results will be deadly. But then one rainy night, he saves the life of a beautiful woman who wasn’t part of his assignment. As Alex takes care of her, he finds himself falling in love. But she doesn’t trust him, and she won’t unless he explains who he really is and why he is here — and that is something he can never do. But as Alex continues to fulfill his assignments in this time, he finds that Lindsey is the key to an unexplained mystery, and he is going to need her help if he wants to be successful.

I really enjoyed this book, which is full of unexpected turns and a sweet romance. The characters are interesting and enjoyable.  The description of the Oregon coast was vivid and made me want to see the beauty for myself.  Letters Across Time is a clean fantasy/romance for women, but young adults will enjoy it too.  Well done, Anna.

Cover Letters across Time

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