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Back By Sunrise

Book Review:  Back by Sunrise, by Justin Sloan

When Brooke’s dad is deployed and later killed in action, she and her family must deal with their grief. Brooke can’t understand why her dad had to leave. But then she finds a magic necklace that her dad left her. When she puts on the necklace, Brooke is transformed into a small, red bird. At first she enjoys the freedom of flying, but when her mother shuts her out of the house and an evil raven steals the necklace, she fears she will never be reunited with her family again. As Brooke makes friends and goes through one adventure after another to recover the necklace, she learns the meaning of friendship, working together, and loyalty, and she finally comes to understand why her dad had to go. This is a sweet story that children and the middle grades will enjoy. It was well written, with an exciting plot, a strong main character, and a serious theme beneath the magic and fun of the story. The cover art is beautiful.  I can see this book becoming a movie.

back by sunrise

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