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Writers are Everywhere

Last month I was in LaVerkin, a very small town in southern Uah — not a place you would expect to meet fellow writers.  My husband and I went to our friends’ house to visit, and to my surprise, a writers’ group meeting was about to take place at their house.  Our friends’ daughter and her friends had gathered to discuss their latest chapters and cheer each other on.  I had the privilege of attending their meeting, telling them about Double Play, and answering their questions about writing and publishing.  Each one shared their ongoing writing project with me as well.  I was fascinated by their unique ideas, their complex and well-constructed world building, the complete characters they had created, and their exciting plot lines.  Each one had put in major work on their books.  Most of all, I was wowed by their enthusiasm.  They were on fire to write!  They believed in themselves as writers, and they gave each other support and encouragement to keep writing.  I thought, “This is what a writers’ group should be like.”  Thank you, LaVerkin Writers Group, for sharing your enthusiasm with me.  I have no doubt that at some future date I will be reading each of your novels.

Happy Writing!

DoublePlay A Novel of Magic cover

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