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Six days ’til Double Play!

I am very excited to announce that my new book, Double Play: A Novel of Magic, will be released on Thursday, December 11, 2014 on Amazon, for sale as an ebook and a paperback.
Double Play is a YA Fantasy. The first draft was written during National Novel Writing Month last November, and it was an incredible experience to have a story pour almost nonstop from my heart and mind to the screen of my laptop. This was followed by a year of striving to make my book the very best it could be. I hope you will enjoy my new novel as much as I enjoyed writing it.
Go to my Double Play page on Facebook and enter to win a Kindle Fire HD6 on December 11th.
Please help me get the word out about my book by sharing this news with your friends and family. Thank you so much for all your help!

When the realms of the Magicians and the Fey collide, the result is more than tragic — hope for true happiness is all but lost.
The Giant City has crashed down onto Chicago and the radiation is slowly killing everyone, including mortals, Magicians and Fairies. An unlikely girl has a secret within her that can save them, but exposing it may mean losing the heart of the young Magician who has protected her.
Seventeen-year-old Sandy Nandou ditches high school and sneaks into the forbidden Giant City hoping to find a relic she can sell to help her dying grandmother. There she meets Sean O’Malley, a handsome young Magician who sees in her the ally he’s been seeking. As they prepare to save those they love, they face great danger, and Sandy finds herself falling for Sean.  But in order to restore their fractured world, Sandy must face the truth about who she really is, and that might be the greatest danger of all.
Someone slid into the seat across from me. “Sorry I’m late.”
I looked up and froze.
The magician smiled at me. “Surprise.”
For a moment all I could do was stare at him. If I hadn’t seen him in action yesterday with his deadly sword and his eerily glowing eyes, I could have sworn that sitting across from me was a normal boy — a kind-of-handsome boy, with laughter in his brown eyes and a cute quirk to his lips… But his brown overcoat was open, and under his black t-shirt I could see the outline of thick bands of the harness that kept the sword sheath strapped at a diagonal on his back. The hilt of his sword poked up from the back of his coat collar. How did he manage to carry around a sword and have no one take an interest in it?
I panicked. “You can’t be here. I’m expecting someone. I… I have a tutoring session.”
“I am your tutor.”

DoublePlay A Novel of Magic cover

Cover art by Lauren Skaggs

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