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Double Play: A Novel of Magic

My book is coming out soon.  Go to Goodreads and add it to your To-Read list! Thanks!

Excerpt from Double Play:  A Novel of Magic – by Carol Nicolas

Someone slid into the seat across from me.
“Sorry I’m late.”
I looked up and froze.
The magician smiled at me. “Surprise.”
For a moment all I could do was stare at him. If I hadn’t seen him in action yesterday with his deadly sword and his eerily glowing eyes, I could have sworn that sitting across from me was a normal boy — a kind-of-handsome boy, with laughter in his brown eyes and a cute quirk to his lips.
But his brown overcoat was open, and under his black t-shirt I could see the outline of thick bands of the harness that kept the sword sheath strapped at a diagonal on his back. The hilt of his sword poked up from the back of his coat collar. How did he manage to carry around a sword and have no one take an interest in it?
I panicked.  “You can’t be here. I’m expecting someone. I… I have a tutoring session.”
“I am your tutor.”

Seventeen-year-old Sandy Nandou steals into the forbidden Giant City which had crashed onto the north side of Chicago, hoping to find a forgotten relic that she can sell for money to help her dying grandmother. There she is confronted by Sean O’Malley, a young magician who sees in her the ally he’s been seeking. In order to help Sean restore order to their world, Sandy must face the truths about herself that she has hidden deep within. But all she knows how to do is keep fighting the encroaching darkness, and that includes resisting this handsome, mysterious magician who wants to know far too much about her past.
DoublePlay A Novel of Magic cover

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