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Becoming Lady Lockwood

Book Review: Becoming Lady Lockwood – A Regency Romance by Jennifer Moore.
Amelia Beckett is happy to live in Jamaica and run her late mother’s sugar plantation. When her manipulative father, Admiral Becket, orders her to submit to an arranged marriage by proxy to an English lord who presently lives in India, she hopes he will never come and claim her. When news comes that her husband has died, she is not heartbroken. But then a ship comes into harbor, and Captain Sir William Drake has orders to carry her to London for an official hearing and a settlement of the estates of the late Lord Lockwood. At first William is determined to expose this woman’s marriage to his brother as a fraud and Lady Lockwood as a conniving schemer. But as Amelia sails the Atlantic, her sunny and caring personality is revealed, and she winds her way into the hearts of not only the crew, but the dashing captain as well. Adventure and romance ensue. But will either of them have a chance against her devious father’s twisted plans and the laws that prevent them from marrying?
This was a fun story and an enjoyable clean romance.

cover Becoming Lady Lockwood

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