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My Favorite Halloween

My favorite Halloween happened twenty-five years ago when after many hours of exhausting labor, I delivered my oldest daughter. As I cuddled my newly swaddled baby and marveled over her cherubic face, the nurses gathered around and suggested appropriate Halloween names. “How about Samantha?” one said. “How about Wendy?” said another. But I just smiled and said, “Her name is Laura.” Named after my best friend from college and a long line of Catherines in my maternal line, Laura grew up to be a beautiful young woman with a gentle and caring heart. The other day I was showing a friend my quilts, and we came to one that Laura and I had made together years ago. I choked up.  We had worked hard on that simple blue and white quilt. After I sewed the blocks together and sandwiched the layers, we did all the quilting by hand. It will never win any awards for exact stitching or intricate design, but that quilt will always hold a special place in my heart. It reminds me of all the happy times I had with my children and how dear they are to me. Happy Birthday, Laura. Have a wonderful day.

Laura's quilt

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