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Faking Grace

Book Review: Faking Grace – by Tamara Leigh
Fleeing a botched attempt at investigative reporting, Mazie Grace Stewart moves to Nashville and applies for a job with a small newspaper, Steeple Side Christian Resources. But in order to get the job, Mazie must be an upstanding Christian. So Mazie buys the book, The Dumb Blonde’s Guide to Christianity, and determines to make a cameleon change, with hilarious results. Then her former boss promises Mazie that she will get her old job back if she can investigate and expose all the dirt on the people who work for Steeple Side. Just to make sure she follows through, her landlord, Tessie, is hired to watch her. At first Mazie thinks it will be easy, but as people treat her with kindness and slowly reveal their problems to her, Mazie finds herself deeply troubled. She cares about her coworkers, she is falling in love with the newspaper’s handsome editor, Jack Prentiss, and she’s starting to become a real believer. But she doesn’t dare confess what she is really doing or who she really is: this article is her last chance to make it big in the newspaper world. Mazie is telling so many lies she has to keep a list. And then her lonely, grumpy, Bible-toting Grandma comes to visit. Grandma sees right through all of Mazie’s machinations and challenges her to make a real, lasting change in her life. This book was hilarious and warm, with wonderful characters and insights into the human heart and the motivations behind why we do the things we do. I really enjoyed it.
cover Faking Grace

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