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Beauty and the Werewolf

Book Review — Beauty and the Werewolf, by Mercedes Lackey
I always enjoy retellings of the old fairy tales, and this was no exception. Isabella Beauchamps has two step sisters and a step mother, but instead of being the servant, Bella runs the household with efficiency and love. Wearing her red cloak, Isbella Beauchamps sets out into the forest to bring Granny (the local wisewoman) some food. There she is hunted and bitten by a wolf, who turns out to be the local nobleman’s son, Sebastian, who is cursed to become a werewolf every full moon. When she is forced to spend three months quarantined in the castle (with invisible servants) while it is determined whether she will turn wolf too, Bella decides to buck the traditions, break the spell, and make her own happily-ever-after ending. Meanwhile, Eric the Gameskeeper is always lurking about, and Bella can’t be sure which part he plays in the fairy tales. This was a fun read.  I look forward to reading other books by Mercedes Lackey.

cover Beauty and the Werewolf


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