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Cesar’s Way

Cesar’s Way — by Cesar Millan, with Melissa Jo Peltier:  This is an excellent book on understanding dogs and how to correct their behavior problems. Cesar Millan has a natural gift and rapport with dogs, and his love for them shows throughout the pages of this book. He does a lot of work with problem animals at his Dog Psychology Center in Los Angeles, where he shows that by behaving in a calm, assertive manner (you are the pack leader), and by exercise, discipline, and affection, you too can have a dog who is a peaceful, happy member of the family. As I have been applying what I have learned, my dog’s behavior has changed dramatically. For example, before when I took Rocky for a walk, he pulled on the leash. This, I discovered, was because he was trying to be the pack leader. When I kept him on my left side and projected a calm, assertive manner, Rocky trotted beside me during the entire long walk. What a difference! Cesar also has a TV show (The Dog Whisperer) on the National Geographic channel. This book is a must for anyone with a dog or planning to get a dog.

cover Cesar's Way

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