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The Alloy of Law

Brandon Sanderson has done it again, this time with a western set centuries later in his fantasy Mistborn world. The civilization of Scadrial has progressed to the days of locomotives, electric street lights, six-shooters, rifles, and lawmen who try to bring order to chaos. Waxillium Ladrian can Push on metals with his Allomancy and use Feruchemy to become lighter or heavier at will. After 20 years in the dusty Roughs, Wax returns to the city of Elendel in order to take responsibility for his House. He locks up his guns and thinks he will settle down to a life of aristocracy, but when a series of trains are robbed and young women are kidnapped, Wax suspects a criminal mastermind is at work. He and his friends, Wayne and Marasi, will need all their guns, abilities, and wits to defeat the bad guys this time.

I really enjoyed this unique book. The plot was fast paced and full of action, the main characters were intelligent and likeable, the dialogue was witty, and the world building combination of Old West/fantasy was really fun.  My only disappointment was that the possibility of romance between Wax and Marasi did not come to pass. (But after losing his true love in such a horrible way, I understand why it would take a while for Wax to open his heart again.)  I hope a sequel is in the works at some point.  Thank you, Brandon, for a truly enjoyable book.

cover The Alloy of Law

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