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Life in Outer Space

The other day I read Melissa Keil’s debut novel, Life in Outer Space.   Sam Kinnison, of Melbourne, Australia, may belong to the geek group in high school, but he is okay with that.  He’s comfortable with his small circle of friends.  He knows how to keep his head down and stay out of the way of the school bullies.  His passion for horror and sci-fi movies, and his dream to write the perfect screenplay sustain him.  But the tension between his parents is increasing, and there’s something wrong with his best friend.  Then Camilla Carter moves to their town and begin to attend their school.  She is beautiful, friendly, and instantly popular, but for some reason she wants to hang out with Sam and his friends instead of the in group.  Sam’s life is about to change radically.

I enjoyed this YA romance, told from Sam’s point of view.  The witty dialogue, awkward situations that anyone who has been a teenager can relate to, and the gradual reveal of each character’s problems and how they resolved them, made this novel one of my favorite reads of the year.

Cover Life in Outer Space


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