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A lot of things (including the book I am working on) have been taking my attention lately, and I’ve had a hard time coming up with blog topics.  So when I saw a book at the bookstore with writing exercises, I thought, ‘Why not?’  Here’s today’s:

#1:  Your houseplant is dying.  Tell it why it should live.

“Little Plant, I like you.  You look a little ragged, and maybe waterlogged.  You haven’t bloomed for a while.  But don’t go and die on me.  I’d be really sad if you died.  Come on, what do you say?  I’ll re-pot you and give you some delicious, nutrient rich potting soil.  I’ll water you more carefully.  I’ll put you in a nice, sunny place with a southern exposure.  And you don’t give up.  For as bad as it seems now, it’s going to get better.  Believe me and try hard.  You’ll see:  one day you’ll be a gorgeous, healthy plant with beautiful flowers. Don’t give up!”

African violets