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I’m Back!

After three weeks of thinking I was going to die from the plague, I think I’m finally getting better.  Today I got out my laptop and started reconnecting with the world.  It’s amazing how the email, etc. can pile up when one is sick.  I haven’t had the energy to do much except read.  And I’ve read a LOT of books.  Yeah, I know what you’re saying:  If I ever stopped reading it would be because I was really dead.  Oh, wait.  Even that wouldn’t keep me away from a good book!  Anyway, I’ll do reviews of some of them later, but for now, I thought it would be fun to list the books I’ve read and give each a quick comment.

 Cress – by Marissa Meyer.  What a fun series this is!  I loved Cress, and I can hardly wait for the next book to come out. (YA Fantasy)

Mind Games – by Kiersten White.  Creepy, but well written.  Good job, Kiersten! (YA)

Midnight in Austenland – by Shannon Hale.  Revisit Austenland again, this time with a murder mystery.  I liked this one even better than Austenland. (Adult Fiction, but YA would enjoy it too)

Raised By Wolves, Trial by Fire, Taken by Storm – by Jennifer Lynn Barnes.  I love, love, love this series, but (Spoiler Alert!) I can’t believe Chase dies!  Noooo!  I cried and cried.  I sure hope there is another book coming and that poor Bryn can find some happiness at last. (YA Paranormal Fantasy)

The Strangers on Montagu Street – by Karen White.  In preparation for her new book coming out, I just had to reread this series too.  I sure hope that Melanie and Jack will finally end up together. (Adult fiction) 

Summer Campaign – by Carla Kelly.  Major Jack Beresford is back from the war, on his way home to a dying brother and an estate in trouble, when he meets Onyx Hamilton, a girl who is engaged to marry a boring vicar she doesn’t love.  She has never had an adventure or been able to voice her true feelings, but that is about to all change.   I really enjoyed this book.  (Regency Romance – YA would like it too.)

Her Hesitant Heart – by Carla Kelly.  Susanna Hopkins, a teacher running from an abusive ex-husband, and Major Joseph Randolph, a widowed surgeon posted at a garrison in Cheyenne, meet and fall in love.  The true character of each is revealed to their prejudiced neighbors through their kind service to others. (Historical Romance)

The Apothecary – by Maile Meloy.  I really enjoyed this book.  Fourteen-year-old Janie Scott thinks her life is over when she and her family move to London in 1952.  Little does she realize that she is about to encounter magic, mystery, adventure and danger. (YA/MG fantasy)

The First Phone Call From Heaven – by Mitch Albom.  This was an interesting book, and not what I expected. (Adult fiction)

The Lady’s Companion – by Carla Kelly.  Susan Hampton’s father has ruined their family with his gambling.  Rather than become a ghost in her aunt’s home, Susan takes a job as a companion to a crotchety elderly woman and finds herself falling in love with the Lady’s Welsh bailiff.  (Regency Romance)

Reforming Lord Ragsdale – by Carla Kelly.  Lord Ragsdale is the epitome of upper class gone bad.  He’s lazy, conceited, an alcoholic consumed with his horrific past, and determined to destroy his future with his vices.  But when his American cousins arrive in England with Emma (an indentured Irish servant), he rescues Emma from being sold in a card game.  The price of her freedom is his reform, but what Lord Ragsdale doesn’t realize is that the price he’ll pay is his heart.  I really enjoyed this book. (Regency Romance – good for YA too.)

Libby’s London Merchant – by Carla Kelly.  Benedict Nesbitt, The Duke of Knaresborough (another example of upper class gone bad), finds himself impersonating a chocolate salesman in the country in order to check out the girl his best friend is supposed to marry.  An accident and real injury bring him into the care of the poor but beautiful Libby Ames, who must choose between the Duke (who does a lot of reforming) and the bumbling but true-hearted Dr. Cook.  I enjoyed this book and the gradual reveal of the characters, but I was puzzled by the ending, until I realized that the story goes on in the next book.  (Regency Romance – good for YA too.)

One Good Turn – by Carla Kelly.  Benedict Nesbitt, now a reformed alcoholic with a broken heart, is traveling home with his niece.  Along the way they pick up a beautiful Spanish woman and her son.  She is not who she seems to be, and as Nez slowly discovers her story, he falls in love.  But can he ever get her to trust him?  I really enjoyed this story and the reveal of not only Liria’s sad tale but of the motivation behind Nez’s acts of kindness and goodness. (Regency Romance)

Divergent – by Veronica Roth.  Great story, very exciting.  I look forward to reading the next book. (YA Fantasy)

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