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Beep, Beep!

One of the things I love about children is that they are endlessly imaginative. Today my grandson and I took a cardboard box, some tape, and a pillow, and we made a car. We had a glorious time racing around the house. He pushed the bolt in the center of the steering wheel, saying “Beep!… Continue reading Beep, Beep!

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What is he thinking?

I have really enjoyed spending time with my grandson.  He is full of energy, talks non-stop (if only I could understand half of what he is saying), and he has a smile that would melt the hardest heart.  He has such a sunny personality.  When he sees me and says, "Hi, Gramma!"  it makes my… Continue reading What is he thinking?

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To an African Violet

A lot of things (including the book I am working on) have been taking my attention lately, and I've had a hard time coming up with blog topics.  So when I saw a book at the bookstore with writing exercises, I thought, 'Why not?'  Here's today's: #1:  Your houseplant is dying.  Tell it why it… Continue reading To an African Violet

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I’m Back!

After three weeks of thinking I was going to die from the plague, I think I'm finally getting better.  Today I got out my laptop and started reconnecting with the world.  It’s amazing how the email, etc. can pile up when one is sick.  I haven’t had the energy to do much except read.  And… Continue reading I’m Back!