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Read to Children

I have been tutoring two students since the fall, using the Star reading program.  Each day we meet, they work hard at reading, decoding, and learning the phonics skills they need in order to be good readers.  It has been very gratifying to watch them go from barely able to read to being able to read fairly well.  Their confidence has gone up, and they now open a book with eagerness.  I was at the bookstore, and I found two of my favorite books from childhood, so I bought them and wrapped them up for the boys.  I have become very attached to my little students.  I wish them well, and hope that the time we have spent together will be enough to keep them going on the path to reading fluently and for pleasure.  If only parents realized how important it is to read to their children and to read together, they would take time every night with this vital and enjoyable task.  A whole world of books, adventures, and ideas awaits the children, if only someone will unlock the door and show them the way.

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