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The Case of the Bizarre Bouquets

In this third installment of Enola Holmes Mysteries, Dr. John Watson is missing!  His wife is receiving bizarre bouquets from an unknown person, and Sherlock Holmes has no leads.  But Sherlock’s young sister, Enola, realizes that the flowers symbolize death, and it’s up to her to follow the clues and find Dr. Watson, all the while evading her brothers’ wily attempts to entrap her.  This was a fun story.  Nancy Springer has done it again.

case of the bizarre bouquets cover

1 thought on “The Case of the Bizarre Bouquets”

  1. Always a Sherlock Holmes fan! Have you seen any of the Punchy Land skits yet? They are done well, funny, and have great music. In the Punchy Land’s they are titled: The Adventures of Daddy Olmes & Dr. Ratson worth a check. Beware though they are catchy in a strange sort of way….Enjoy!


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