Personal updates

Puppy Training Update

Rocky is very cute, with one ear up and one ear flopped over, perky tail, and bright black eyes.  He has two speeds, asleep and 60 mph.  I like him a lot… when he’s asleep.  Actually,I like him most of the time, except when he’s biting.  He hasn’t figured out No Bite yet.  My friend, who also has a new puppy, says I should be firmer with him.  But he already knows Sit and Come.  He can jump off the couch, and climb up and down the steps.  Rocky loves to play outside.  As for potty training… well, we’re working on it.  I’m still bleary eyed and stumbling around from lack of sleep.  My friend and I got the two pups together yesterday for play time, and they really tired each other out.  When we got home, he curled up and went to sleep.  Too bad I can’t do that every day.


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