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A New Puppy

On Saturday, we drove up to Idaho and picked up our new puppy.  Rocky is a West Highland Terrier, and he is so cute!  His fur is all white, the top coat wiry and the undercoat soft as down.  His eyes are like little black buttons, and they sparkle with mischief.  When he chases a ball, he bounces as if he has springs in his legs.  His little tail wags like mad when he sees us.  I am amazed at how he can be a bundle of energy one moment and then sound asleep the next.  He likes to chew on everything, including us, so we have some work to do there.  Potty training is coming along.  I am suffering from sleep deprivation, but I know from experience that he will be able to hold it longer and longer periods of time.  My schedule has changed radically and now revolves around taking the puppy outside to potty about every hour.  The snow complicates things.  Coat, boots, leash, kibble in the pocket for reward, and plastic bag all have to be at the door, ready for action.  There’s not much fun about racing the pup outside at three or four in the morning in my pajamas with snow crunching under my feet.  But last night there was the loveliest full moon shining down on me, and Rocky squatted and then looked up at me as if to say, “Okay I did what you want, where’s my treat?”  Yes!  So I will survive, and the time I put in now will pay off later.  Welcome to motherhood.  Again.

Rocky Sitting 2

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