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The Case of the Left-Handed Lady

Here’s another Enola Holmes mystery (#2, by Nancy Springer):  The Case of the Left-Handed Lady.  Enola evades her brother Sherlock’s attempts to find her and force her to learn to be a lady.  Enola would rather be a detective, and at age fourteen, she knows all her brother’s tricks, from disguises to accents.  This time… Continue reading The Case of the Left-Handed Lady

Personal updates

Puppy Training Update

Rocky is very cute, with one ear up and one ear flopped over, perky tail, and bright black eyes.  He has two speeds, asleep and 60 mph.  I like him a lot... when he’s asleep.  Actually,I like him most of the time, except when he’s biting.  He hasn’t figured out No Bite yet.  My friend,… Continue reading Puppy Training Update

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Mile 21

I almost didn’t read Mile 21.  I don’t like books written in first person, present tense.  Sorry, but I just don’t.  They’re annoying.  I picked it up at the bookstore because it had a picture of a runner on the front cover, and one of my sisters runs marathons.  Then I read the blurb on… Continue reading Mile 21

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Rose Daughter

Last night I finished rereading Rose Daughter by Robin McKinley, which is a gorgeous retelling of Beauty and the Beast.  Actually, this is Robin’s second version of Beauty and the Beast.  I read the first one, Beauty, when it was first published in 1978, and I absolutely loved it.  I’ve reread it so many times… Continue reading Rose Daughter

Personal updates, The Sixth Power

The Sixth Power

Last January I published my first novel, The Sixth Power.  A lot has happened in the past year.  I've learned a lot about publishing and marketing.  I've also learned a tremendous amount about the craft of writing.  Attending workshops, reading other people's blogs and books (and applying their ideas) and writing both my blog and… Continue reading The Sixth Power

Personal updates

A New Puppy

On Saturday, we drove up to Idaho and picked up our new puppy.  Rocky is a West Highland Terrier, and he is so cute!  His fur is all white, the top coat wiry and the undercoat soft as down.  His eyes are like little black buttons, and they sparkle with mischief.  When he chases a… Continue reading A New Puppy

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Fortune Cookies

Today we went out for lunch at a popular Chinese food place.  As usual, I looked forward to breaking open my fortune cookie and reading my fortune.  Unfortunately, it wasn't a fortune.  This seems to be happening more and more lately.  I suppose there might be some who take these fortunes literally, but to me… Continue reading Fortune Cookies

Book Reviews

Fifteen Minutes

Fifteen Minutes, by Karen Kingsbury, caused me to think deeply.  Zack Dylan is a talented singer and songwriter who promises that nothing can change his devotion to God, family, and his girlfriend. But when he leaves his home on a Kentucky horse farm to compete on the reality TV show Fifteen Minutes, he has no… Continue reading Fifteen Minutes

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The Best Gift

One of the best gifts we received this Christmas was from my husband’s mother.  She wrote her life story, inserted photographs, had it printed and bound, and gave it to each of her children and grandchildren.  Amid all the wrapping paper, bows, and still-unopened presents, we sat and read her book.  I was deeply touched… Continue reading The Best Gift

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The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, published in 1939, was one of James Thurber’s most famous stories.  Considered a masterpiece, it has made its mark on our society and even our language.  It is the story of a little man who spends his time in heroic daydreams when in real life he is dominated by… Continue reading The Secret Life of Walter Mitty