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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!  I hope you enjoy your feast today.  I’m busy making a pecan yam casserole and green bean casserole to complement the turkey.  This is a day to gather with family and friends and express gratitude for all we have.  So here are 26 things that I am grateful for (not necessarily in order of importance):
1. God, who has blessed my life so greatly  2.  My wonderful husband who loves me  3.  My dear children (that includes their spouses), who are all unique and wonderful in their own ways.  4.  My home, especially my nice, cozy bed.  5.  My extended family and my husband’s family  6.  My friends  7.  My computer  8. Hot water and soap  9.  Imagination  10.  Books  11.  Music  12.  Good art, 13. Trees  14. My sweet grandson  15.  Electricity  16.  All those authors who have blessed my life through their stories 17. Dogs and cats 18.  Delicious food  19.  My garden     20. Movies 21. My sisters, who are heroes in their own right.  21.  Church  23. Sunshine  24.  Rain  25.  Beautiful flowers  26. Chocolate.


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