Personal updates

The End is Near

National Novel Writing Month is almost over, and I am on the home stretch of the first draft of my book, City of the Giants.  It’s been a crazy, wonderful, amazing month of writing.  I love the creative flow that happens when I can just write.  So far, I’ve got 68,594 words (266 pages) which definitely meets my goal.  But there are still a few loose threads to tie up in the story, so it will end up being longer.  I created an entire story with characters who became real:  good guys who grew into heroes as they faced hard situations and impossible odds and overcame them, bad guys who met a gruesome end, and (of course) true love.  What a rush!  I’ve let things slide this month, including this blog, so December will see me getting back on schedule and scrambling to find gifts for my family.  I’ve burned the candle at both ends and in the middle too, and I think I’m going to sleep in for a week when this is done.  But it’s been such a lot of fun!   Soon I will type the words ‘The End,’ and then will come the hard part:  the rewriting.


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