Personal updates


This morning I was on a panel of judges at the Storytelling Festival at the local elementary school.  We sat at the back and listened as the top storytellers from the school presented their memorized story or poem to the rest of the students.  I was so impressed by these children.  They spoke clearly, with great expression, gestures, and body language.  They were very entertaining, and it was hard to pick the best ones.  They looked as if they were having fun, too.  Their audience enjoyed the experience.  They laughed and clapped and didn’t seem to mind sitting on the cold floor.  When I was in elementary school, I was very shy.  I can’t even imagine having the courage to do what these children did.  I am grateful for the teachers and parents who still make their kids memorize, who instill in them the love of stories and storytelling, and who give them the confidence to do something this hard and make it look effortless.  Storytelling is alive and well in the next generation, and that makes me very happy.

NaNoWriMo update:  40,037 words.  Yes, I’m having a blast.  Just don’t ask what’s for dinner.

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