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Ender’s Game

NaNoWriMo Update:  After three days of writing, I’m at 17,567 words.  Yeah, the dishes aren’t getting done, and we had left-overs again for supper, but hey, I’m having such a good time!  I love to write like this, to just create the story non-stop and let it flow from my mind to my fingers to the screen.  I’m living in the City of the Giants!  What a rush!

My husband dragged me away from the computer tonight so we could go and see the movie Ender’s Game.  Wow.  It was brilliant!  I really loved it.  Ender is older in the movie, but not enough that the story is ruined.  Even though I knew the ending, I was so impressed by the movie.  Asa Butterfield did an amazing job as Ender.  I was right there with him the whole time.  And Harrison Ford did a great job as the pushy, single minded general who wants to win no matter what.

Just in case you haven’t read the book or seen the movie, here’s the recap:  The aliens were barely defeated in the last war, and Earth is in a panic when they realize that the aliens are massing for war again.  The greatest military minds create the orbiting Battle School and send genetically enhanced child geniuses into space to learn the art of war.  Andrew “Ender” Wiggin was chosen before birth to lead their armies to victory.  He endures abuse, persecution, hatred, loneliness, and extreme pressure as his leaders try to mold him into a killing machine.  What they never counted on was Ender’s compassion.

Orson Scott Card published this incredible book in 1977, which went on to win the Nebula Award in 1985 and the Hugo Award in 1986.  When I first read Ender’s Game, I was blown away by the story.  I cried over Ender and the other children, forced into a terrible role in order to save humanity.  The story is continued in Card’s other books, but Ender’s Game remains my favorite of his books.

Go and see the movie, and then reread the book.  Hats off to Orson Scott Card for a moving story that continues to speak to all of mankind.

Ender's Game cover

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