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Truth or Dare

Fifteen-year-old Ella Marino is sure that the handsome, popular Alex Bainbridge would never stoop to notice her.  Because of her burn scars, Ella is shy and strives to keep herself invisible in the rich, snobbish Willing High School.  She doesn’t realize how much she has going for her:  she’s a very talented artist, she has a loving, noisy family, and she’s quirky, funny, and intelligent.  Then there’s her fascinating ‘friendship’ with 19th-century painter Edward Willing, not to mention her real friends, Frankie and Sadie, who keep her busy.  When Alex is assigned as her French tutor, they begin to get to know each other, and… Swooon!  Alex is definitely interested, and Ella will have to make the decision to rise above her hang ups and dare to love.  This contemporary romance was sweet and fun.  I loved the memorable and complicated characters Melissa Jensen created, including the mysterious, romantic Edward Willing.  I dare you to find out if he was real or not.

The Fine Art of Truth or Dare cover

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