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Today a friend reminded me that amid the storms of life you have to stop and be grateful for the little things.  So I sat down and started to think back.  Immediately, vignettes burst into brilliant color in my memory.  On Sunday, I sat down with my class of Four-year-olds, and one little girl smiled up at me and took my hand.  I felt her love, her trust, and her gladness to be there. I was honored.  Last week I came out of the house and headed for the garden, intending to get some weeding done before the rain started.  I looked up.  There in the east, before a backdrop of wet, deep purple-gray was a dazzling rainbow.  A friend who suffers greatly from almost constant pain came over to talk, and we were able to lift each other.  One of my sisters sent me a really funny joke, which made me laugh.  My rainy-day stew turned out, and my husband liked it.  Last night I enjoyed an evening of writing on my fairy tale.  Yesterday I helped with a field trip at the nature preserve.  I listened to the wind rustling in the rushes and grasses, and a great calmness came to me.  We saw a flock of Canada geese winging their way south, flying in the classic V formation.  One of the guides explained that by staying in this formation, the geese reduce the energy needed to fly.  When the lead goose gets tired, he drops back, and another takes his place.  In other words, they help each other.  We watched until they were out of sight.  These small things and more are stars glittering in the night, reminding me that life is full of beauty.  I am grateful.

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